We score 5.00 out of 5 based on 25 reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Awsome mat

Truly satisfied buying from this web site. My yoga session has been wonderful with this amazing yoga mat. Super comfortable and secure, plus it also absorb moisture make it most important feature for a good yoga mat. Thank you for amazing service!!

Best quality mat

The mat has good control, and the alignment is an amazing idea. I can't believe this isn't standard on all mats. Enjoyed my yoga and home workout a lot more ever since I got this mat. I'm amazed at how much of a difference quality makes. When I'm doing inversions, it also helps me keep my balance.

Great mat

I'm so glad a friend of mine suggested this mat. The grip is incredible, especially if you have sweaty palms and feet. I don't slip around as much as I used to, therefore I'm lot more comfortable holding positions now. Ideal for first timer yoga practice. Great product!!!

Soft mat

This mat is really comfortable, the surface are also soft and not slippery like other yoga mat i have tried. Really recommended for anyone who usually doing exercise or home workout. Amazing customer service too thanks!!

Fav yoga mat

I am new to yoga this year and been searching few options and glad that i found this super grip yoga mat. Quality and material are superb! Worth the money and give me the energy to stay consistent to my yoga session.

Ideal mat ever

Finally!!!!!!! found ideal mat after few times of trying out. This is the best investment for a perfect yoga mat. It is quite affordable for the great quality. I've done longer yoga and exercise period with this mat and it turns out the best experience ever.

There are no foul odors in this mat everything is just perfect and the colour are my favourite and very beautiful calming to look at. It's not that heavy and you can move it around. The surface also not slippery if your sweat gets on it. Thank you for this great mat!!

Lovely yoga mat

Affordable and high quality yoga mat everrrr. I'm super satisfied with the mat from this brand. Really like the fact it has the alignment guide and slip free. It grip to the floor perfectly and does not move.

It's really necessary to make sure your yoga mat does not slippery and moving while doing exercise because you might get hurt if it keep moving. This is the best yoga mat ever sold in the market. Thank you customer service for the amazing service.

Great for yoga

If you are search super comfy yoga mat, this is the perfect one. I bought this and it is the best investment for my workout routine. My leg, especially felt very secured and protected from hurting because this mat is super soft and the thickness is suit my needs. And and and, it does not smell like other yoga mat usually smell like plastics.

Best mat ever

The body alignment lines was really helping to improve my body posture. A good yoga position is very important to make sure you does not hurt any part of the body. The best part is this yoga mat does not get really wet if you are having workout or yoga for a longer time cause it made of moisture absorb material. Very comfy and great value for money.

Good quality mat

Amazing experience with this mat. My knee does not hurt much while exercise because the thickness is just nice not like previous yoga mat that i bought.
It is also easy to clean and most important is it made of environment friendly material. Thank you so much.

Awsome mat

This mat is just not for yoga only, i used it when doing assignment on the floor and feels so comfortable and soft. Also experience perfect yoga session with this mat, anti slippery and does not bother my yoga session. Received great service from company. Thanks!!!!!

Excellent mat for exercise

Loving this mat, I've been doing workout on this yoga mat and it is perfectly stick on the floor does not slippery. Feeling ease on this yoga mat. Plus the colour are also beautiful and very attractive and most important is that it does not have smell on it. Thank a lot!!!!

Great mat design

This mat is so good, i don't have to adjust much when opening the mat, very easy to handle just open and even can roll effortlessly. The packaging also very secure and receive in perfect condition. Great quality yet affordable. Awsome!!


Great mat at a good price with expedient delivery.

The mat has good grip, alignment lines, perfect thickness and weight.

Thank you PTT for offering such a great product and making my purchase a pleasureable experience.

Good quality & price

If possible can add in the bag for the mat will be better

Design simple but so nice!

The thing I like about this mat just the design is very simple. But, still, I can use this comfortably. Thickness is just nice, not too thin and not too thick. And the surface is not slippery.
Delivery just okay. Nothing to complain about!
Very affordable in fact!

Nice wallet

Big storage and capacity..can store more than 5 cards..yeah I think up to 15 cards also just you can put it to see if can lock..hahaha...very convenient and nice guys. You should have 1! Surely I will make this as my main wallet (put money and business card) 😀

Nice and very convenient

Easy to use. Packaging nice from the seller. Delivery just okay, not too fast not too late (very acceptable). Very recommended for you guys! Will buy the other color for my friends too 😀

Excellent service by seller!

I had and issues before where I need to re-adjust my address but the team is very friendly! Good job on the delivery and packaging too, this card holder is very amazing in terms of the size and design. Very nice and versatile. Thank you!

Brilliant creation!

Brilliant creation of card holder! Small in design, but compact and big storage. I can store more than 10 cards (but I don't have that much card) but it's so good and hope that this will last longer! Seriously, I'm very satisfied! Thanks!

Good products!

Must admit that surprisingly I received the parcel in a short time and in a VERY good condition. Wasn't expect this card holder will be this awesome and nice design too! Don't have to worry if this wallet get wet too!


Finally I have a wallet that I can store all my cards in a one place. I don't need to search my entire handbag anymore! Thanks for creating this amazing and convenient card holder! This kinda stuff save my time by A LOT!

Simple and easy to use

I usually have problems with less space to put my cards and all. This solve my problem and design is very nice.


I have lots of cards and this really helped me in organizing em. Good stuff!

Simple and style

Simple and modern design. I like how it could fit anyone like, no one will tell you that "its a boy thing" anymore..lol...